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What is tagvillage?

Tagvillage is a  online advertising system that will help both online advertisers and web publishers. It is a system designed to help Advertisers more effectively place their goods and services in front of their target audience. It is a platform developed to produce greater advertising revenues for Web Publishers than is currently available through other ad networks.

Tagvillage functions in a unique way. In addition to being a high-impact online advertising system, it is a publicity mechanism designed to automatically develop general public awareness for charitable Causes throughout the globe. And finally, it is a low-investment online income opportunity for people anywhere in the world.

Tagvillage, inc. is a corporation based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2010, the corporation is owned by 46 shareholders, operated by a team of executive officers, and governed by a board of directors. Founders of Tagvillage, Inc established tagvillage as the world's very first official Tithing Corporation. Tagvillage, inc. donate 10% of gross advertising revenue to charity.

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